52) Dick Vermeil

Dick Vermeil turned three fledgling teams into playoff contenders, and led one of those teams to a Super Bowl win!

I received a response from Rams coaching legend, Dick Vermeil, a man whose motivational coaching has turned so many nobodies into somebodies. Vermeil took both the 1999 Rams, as well as the 1980 Eagles, to a championship, with the 1999 Rams winning the big game, as well as took the Kansas City Chiefs to the playoffs after some time of struggling.

As you can see in this letter, there is nobody who can give a pep talk like one Dick Vermeil. Thank you so much for the positive spirits you’ve given so many in football, Coach!


Published by gratitudetogreats

I am a stage 2 squamous cell cancer survivor who did a project to not just celebrate my victory, but celebrate the 100th anniversary of the NFL and the many greats who built that great institution called Gratitude to Greats. This is where I chronicle my responses from where I sent NFL greats my letters and emails...

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