26) Paul Warfield

Paul Warfield averaged 20 yards per career catch, and won an NFL Championship with the Browns and two with the Dolphins.

I received a thorough and touching response right around Thanksgiving from wide receiver Paul Warfield, a big part of the only undefeated NFL champion of our modern era, the 1972 Miami Dolphins. Warfield won three NFL Championships, first with the Cleveland Browns late in the Jim Brown days, and then two back to back with the Dolphins, including the perfect season, and averaged 20 yards per career catch. Paul was also a first-ballot Pro Football Hall of Famer, at a time when it was much harder for someone to break through with the voters in their first year of eligibility and get votes in as a first-ballot inductee who wasn’t named Johnny Unitas or Jim Brown.

It is very uplifting to have people like Paul asking the Lord to watch over me, and reminding me to trust in Him. Thank you so much, Mr. Warfield!


Mr. Vairin,

Thank you for your kind words about my career in the NFL. Your request is not a usual one I receive. Nevertheless, it is one I will readily comply with. I have offered a prayer for you tonight. I have asked the Lord to watch over you and to restore your body back to health from cancer. Trust in the Lord, he is always with believers.

Paul Warfield


Published by gratitudetogreats

I am a stage 2 squamous cell cancer survivor who did a project to not just celebrate my victory, but celebrate the 100th anniversary of the NFL and the many greats who built that great institution called Gratitude to Greats. This is where I chronicle my responses from where I sent NFL greats my letters and emails...

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