21) Ted Hendricks

“The Mad Stork” Ted Hendricks was one of the greatest and most versatile offense disrupters in NFL history.

One Raiders great who takes a lot of time out to respond to the fans is “The Mad Stork” Ted Hendricks, who used his height to give punishing tackles, as well as to specialize in blocking field goals, punts, and extra-point tries. He may have been one of the best all-around offense disrupters in NFL history.

Ted graciously took the time to offer his prayers, and I thank “The Mad Stork” very much!!!


Published by gratitudetogreats

I am a stage 2 squamous cell cancer survivor who did a project to not just celebrate my victory, but celebrate the 100th anniversary of the NFL and the many greats who built that great institution called Gratitude to Greats. This is where I chronicle my responses from where I sent NFL greats my letters and emails...

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